Services Details


This samiti collects the biodata of marriageable members of Vaishnav Brahman Chatu sampaday samaj only. These biodata are collected and published as received from the members of Vaishnav samaj without going into the truth of particulars mentioned in the biodata.  It is kept in mind that the person whose biodata has been received, contains at least one gotra of Vaishnav Brahman samaj out of 52 gautras of the samaj.  Whether to include or not include a particular biodata in the website is sole discretion of the sanchalak of Sugam Vivah Seva Samiti. No one can take this matter to the court.

To maintain the website expenses are required. Therefore three things are kept latent in the biodata, viz., father name, address and mobile number. These are disclosed on payment of certain charges which is my very low and which may vary from time to time. There is no charge for adding biodata in the website. The moto of the samiti is that it does not earn any profit from such work of social welfare.